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When to Wear and When Not to Wear a Men's Black Tux Shirt

White shirts are lucky; unlike their colorful counterparts, there aren't a lot of rules about when and
why and how they cannot be worn, and they pretty much work with every style and meet every
standard for men's formal fashion. And while it's fairly obvious when a gentleman can wear a hot pink
tux shirt, for example, there's a lot more question into the appropriateness of a men's black tux

It's easy enough to understand why. Black is not only a neutral color, but it's even more predominant
than white in men's formalwear, thanks to the traditional black coloring of tuxedos and jackets.
That said, black dress shirts lack the same impact of their white counterparts and often seem like

they make a formalwear ensemble into something that's too casual — at least depending on the

Just like with any non-standard formalwear piece, there are times when a black shirt might work and
times when it definitely won't. Here's an idea of the When and When Not of the men's black tux

Good Times To Wear A Black Tuxedo Shirt
Events without strict dress codes, those set to occur at night, and those with a more personal setting
(like a date or a prom) are all good possibilities for wearing a black shirt. Gentlemen might also
consider donning a black dress shirt to more causal family, corporate, or school occasions, events of
a competitive nature, and photocalls. In short, there are potentially many opportunities for wearing a
darker shirt, but a man must keep in mind the dress code before making the decision to wear such a

Bad Times To Wear A Black Tuxedo Shirt
Easy ones first: never wear a black shirt to a black-tie or white-tie event. When dressing for important
business meetings, networking events, interviews, and other events under professional circumstances,
one should always err away from wearing a black dress shirt. Chances are that it'll simply look too
casual, thus presenting the wrong idea to people who are looking to be impressed.

Impression is actually key when it comes to dressing in black. If you're looking to impress with style
savvy and are confident that you have the freedom to wear the colors of your choosing, then black
is an excellent choice. If you're hoping to make a good, professional, formal impression on others
though, then you might want to avoid the causal connotations of black shirts.

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