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How to choose your Tuxedo Shirt for the Perfect Tuxedo Ensemble

When choosing a tuxedo shirt, one must make absolutely sure that it matches with the formal vest. The tuxedo shirt should reflect your personality. It would never do if your tux jackets and formal vests are spanking new and a very old every day tuxedo shirt is worn with it. It will certainly attract attention for all the wrong reasons.

A tuxedo shirt can come in a variety of colors and they have to be chosen carefully so as not to clash with the formal vest. The price of a tuxedo shirt varies according to the material and the cut. The three most common tuxedo shirt styles are the pinwhale, pique, and the pleated but there over 100 different tuxedo shirt styles.

The most common tuxedo shirt is the one with the pleated shirt front. The pleats set this tuxedo shirt apart from the ordinary every day shirt. A pique tuxedo shirt is a must if one is going to an event where people will be wearing tuxedo tails. A pique tuxedo shirt is not pleated, but is made of pique material. In fact, a pique tuxedo shirt looks almost like a cotton tuxedo shirt. On close examination however one notices the honey comb material. This tuxedo shirt gives one a very classy appearance especially when worn with perfectly matched formal vests. Another common tuxedo shirt style is the pinwhale tuxedo shirt. This tuxedo shirt has a flat front and is made from a ridge like material. The pinwhale tuxedo shirt is now becoming increasingly popular. You can find these shirts both in wing collar tuxedo shirts or laydown tuxedo shirts.

Whatever style tuxedo shirt you choose, make sure that formal vests are chosen at the same shop. As formal vests have to complement the tuxedo shirt, it makes sense that formal vests are in a material and color enhancing the tuxedo shirt. Formal vests are available in a riot of colors and in different materials. Colors of formal vests range from feminine colors like pink, purple and red. Such colors are preferred by younger men for ceremonies like the graduation ceremonies and proms. Younger men also love formal vests in geometric designs, formal vests in polka dots, and formal vests in paisley prints. Choose formal vests in the cut and style that flatters your build.

Men, in the past, used to wear formal vests in colors other than the suit color. Nowadays, men wear formal vests in the same color as the suit. Though formal vests were very popular in the past and they do look very smart, formal vests have slowly started disappearing from the fashion scene.

Formal vests are available in varied prices. But some men still prefer wearing formal vests for functions like weddings as formal vests give the wearer a special look for the special occasion. So be wise when you select your tuxedo shirt as it ultimately insinuates your personal taste in style

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